AMME: Framework

AMME: Framework

Submitted by Karim on Wed, 10/28/2020 - 10:39

Adaptation Metrics Mapping and Evaluation (AMME) Framework
A rational foundation for metrics evaluation

The Adaptation Metrics Mapping Evaluation Work Program (AMME Program), initiated by the International Platform on Adaptation Metrics (IPAM) aims to collate and support interventions focused on adaptation metrics evaluation, providing a rational procedure and practical guidance for mapping and evaluating available metrics and identifying the potential for developing new metrics.



AMME Work Program is as its first step in this direction comprise a series of ‘metrics mapping evaluations’. The outputs of these exercises are intended for use in a variety of adaptation applications including specific projects, policy making and monitoring and evaluation.
The mapping evaluations are, in turn, supported and guided by this AMME Framework; a methodology for evaluating and deploying metrics.
The AMME Framework outlines five aspects common to all adaptation interventions. Each of these aspects is viewed through three lenses which provide a focus on key metrics issues central to all interventions.

The aspects are:

  • purpose,
  • stakeholder engagement, participation and communication strategies,
  • stakeholder competencies and capacities, 
  • data and information, and,
  • evaluation and good practice.

The three lenses consider:

  • stakeholders and their needs, 
  • a 'whole system' perspective, and,
  • how metrics support decision making processes.

A rational foundation for metrics evaluation

The AMME Framework provides a rational process for the evaluation of metrics; for more extensive or complex areas of interest it can be a starting point for more sophisticated analysis and evaluation.

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