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IPAM Membership

IPAM participation and membership status is open to national, regional and international organizations, research or development institutions, funders, donors, banks, public and private entities, NGOs, and individuals.

Candidate members can affiliate to IPAM, in one of these three categories :

  • Institutional Members (voting members).
  • Associate Members (individuals, non-voting, but may be involved in issue or sectorally-oriented sub-committees, etc.).
  • Sponsors (non-voting, not involved in committees or events).

 Institutional and associate members can act as sponsors, as well.

Any entity may apply for membership in order to contribute to IPAM’s vision and objectives, through in-kind support. Application is made via a formal, written request, signed by a legal representative of the institution. Upon application, the IPAM Steering Committee considers and votes on membership. Once accepted, the Institutional Member is entitled to full voting rights to elect Steering Committee members.

The Steering Committee is limited to being represented to a maximum of 15 institutional members, with terms of two years, and if there are more than 15 institutional members a system of term-limits and rotation will be developed.

In-kind support assumes a steady participation at meetings of direct relevance to an institution’s competency. In-kind support may or may not involve participation to IPAM sectoral committees activities. 

Benefit of Institutional Membership: Institutional members may be party to funded projects, and have a vote on Steering Committee membership. Institutional members are acknowledged on IPAM materials (e.g. website, letterhead) and may note affiliation with IPAM on publications or events.  Members, with the consent of the Steering Committee, may represent IPAM at specific events.

Contact : if you want to become an institutional member

Individuals, either representing institutions or representing themselves, may participate in IPAM events, sectoral work of sub-committees, and projects. Associate Members can be assigned to one or various sectoral sub-committees. Their participation in specific activities governed by sub-committees is at the full discretion of the sub-committee chair(s). Either way, participation in IPAM-wide activities is at the full discretion of the Steering Committee.

Individuals wishing to become Associate Members will be required to sign up online and agree to a charter, but they have no voting rights.

As IPAM develops, associate membership requirements may change, to include membership dues and additional rights and responsibilities. However, any change will be communicated to members giving due notice.

Go to the charter and sign up online if you want to apply to be an individual associate member

IPAM welcomes sponsors to support important projects, events, research, and other initiatives. 

If interested in discussing sponsorship opportunities, please contact

IPAM is open for all for a variety of activities, including IPAM conferences, training events and meetings. 

Click here to register for the mailing list to be up to date regarding IPAM news, events and participation opportunities. 

IPAM does not necessarily endorse the views of members, be they institutional or associate, and may revoke them, if they do not comply with IPAM’s charter.